Much has happened since our last update, as National Trust of Guernsey has received mapped walks from all over the Island by Mapping Volunteers.  An incredible response – even in this, the most bleak month of January. Thank you.

Here’s how it’s happening: most volunteers are using the free Map my Walk App and sending the link of the mapped walk to us at, or inviting NT Guernsey to be your friend, at Map my Walk. That way we can instantly see the map and the link.

The image below, is how the mapped walk looks. This was mapped by volunteer Fiona Drape and Bobby-four-paws, at Pleinmont. 








National Trust of Guernsey cross reference that walk,  to the same area on NTG’s basemap with  ©Digimap

That information will be exported to Digimap, from where we create a printed map of walks and a digital map.
Please start walking, take photographs and continue to take photographs throughout the year.
Each landscape changes beyond recognition and with huge delight, throughout the seasons.

National Trust of Guernsey land areas are sometimes obvious, sometimes tiny, but always remarkable. Previously, it has been largely impossible to describe to anyone, where some of these areas are. Thanks to technology, we are now able to pin-drop these places, for people to easily find. We are hearing ‘we never knew this place existed’. Music to our ears.

For a breath of fresh air, see today’s walk at Les Tielles, amongst many other outstandingly beautiful National Trust of Guernsey places. 

Huge thanks are owed to the families and people who have bequeathed land, in the Trust’s full promise, that their land, is entrusted for everyone to enjoy, in the same way, forever.

For more information about mapping your NTG places, please see our FAQ’s

Preserving Guernsey’s heritage, for future generations