The National Trust of Guernsey was privileged and honoured to host Sarnia Arts and Crafts Club Plein Air 2018 competition at Les Caches Farm today. Choosing a winner from over twenty submissions was a hard task and something of a bitter-sweet experience. Bitter, because every artistic interpretation of Les Caches Farm entry was such a joy to see and it felt awkward to judge one against the other. Sweet, for the simple reason that we were enveloped by so many beautiful paintings of NTG’s Les Caches Farm at the end of a twenty year restoration project. Each and every submission felt to us, like the gift of sight.
Our heartfelt thanks to all artists and Sarnia Arts and Crafts Club for bringing your talent and joy to National Trust of Guernsey.

‘Wendy Griffin’s pastel of Les Caches Farm, was our first choice, because it beautifully represents the passage of time. We look at this set of farm buildings in this interpretation and sense that it could have been painted in say … 1740, 1830 … . It gives the gift of being able to see the heritage of the place. Looking at this picture is like being a time-lord. There are no telephone wires, there are no cars, you may expect to see a hay-rick just out of sight, or a passing cow. Time stands still in this picture, which allows us to see the past, which is our enduring heritage preservation aim.’

The paintings are exhibited at Les Caches Farm from Wednesday 20th June until Friday 22nd June, from 10:00 am – 4:00pm each day.

Please support Sarnia Arts and Crafts Summer Exhibition at Elizabeth College: 27th July to 5th August from 10am to 5pm.
Exhibits from some of Guernsey’s most talented artists and craftsmen.