We are able to provide space for up to 100 people at our two-floor heritage building, with adjacent orchard and fields, for discrete gatherings, entertainment and exhibitions. With a simple layout and beautiful natural light aspect throughout, including a fine vaulted-ceiling at first floor level, the main farmhouse building lends itself to discrete gatherings such as wedding blessings, musical performances, photographic shoots, art displays and specialist guided tours. A maximum of 60 people are permitted on the first floor at any time.

Les Caches Farm is open to the public from 7 May until 26 September on Tuesdays: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm and Thursdays: 10:30 am – 12:30pm. The property is always busy and very likely to be open for a visit outside of the above days of the week, so please wander along the drive and hopefully enjoy our fine farmhouse and grounds.

Arrangements to view the property outside of those hours, accompanied by the Trust Co-ordinator and/or our Event Manager, can be made by appointment and by contacting:

Jemma Field, Trust Co-ordinator:
M: 07781 106461 E: emc@nationaltrust.gg

All enquiries are most welcome.