Idlerocks burnt out

Bill Bowen, Planning/Environment Council Member for National Trust of Guernsey, attended yesterday’s presentation by Idlerocks redevelopment planners Ramle Rocks, to States of Guernsey Environment Board and interested parties.

National Trust of Guernsey voiced its concern over the viability of exterior green ‘living’ walls in exposed coastal and possible drought conditions plus the overall ‘1960’s style’ pillars and window ‘box’ design.  Both issues appear to have been addressed in subsequent plans and conditions.  NTG was pleased to learn that the coastal elevation had been softened and the box design reduced and set back.  An illustration of revised plans was shown and whilst the detail was difficult to see, the overall design appeared improved.

On the subject of protecting neighbours’ amenity, a representation was made on behalf of the closest neighbour, being just 8 meters from the proposed development.

Whilst planners had been hoping for a positive outcome on the long awaited decision to replace the burnt out former Idlerocks Hotel, the Board agreed that further issues needed to be addressed and a site visit would take place, before a decision could be made.

For full details of Planning Application Report click here
Photograph by Adrian Miller