Founded by a handful of volunteers back in 1960, The National Trust of Guernsey has grown into a strongly supported and recognised Island charitable organisation, aiming to preserve Guernsey’s heritage and traditions for future generations.

This lovely little volunteer film, shows our profound appreciation of volunteer help to the Trust since outset. Volunteer work is as essential to the Trust now, as it was in 1960. If the work and aims of the National Trust of Guernsey appeal to you, please get in touch: [email protected]

We’re an enthusiastic, pro-active and happy team, always looking for new skills at our table.
Something you enjoy doing, could be very useful to us. 
Every new idea, needs a new volunteer

Our thanks go to the following people and organisations, whose volunteer help is represented in this film:
Individual artists:
Composer: Thomas Farnon, Photographer: Mark Windsor, Ceramicist: Libby Ballard
Performing Artists: Patricia Hammond and Matt Redman
Worldwide/UK organisations with a local presence: Northern Trust, Channel Island Co-operative Society
Channel Island charitable organisation: National Trust Jersey
Channel Island organisation: Insurance Corporation
Global and UK charitable organisations: The National Trust, International National Trusts Organisation
Guernsey charitable organisations: Guernsey Trees for Life, Guernsey Conservation Volunteers
Guernsey businesses: Rocquette Cider Company, CCD Architects