What a pleasure it is for National Trust of Guernsey to host ‘mimesis’, an exhibition showcasing local talent in many areas, including painting, model and film making and the mesmeric colourful origami of Waritsara Khongyim.

Assembling the showcase, creating exhibition panels and designing the layout has been the final project of College of Further Education Final Year Creative HND students, Meredith Jee and Waritsara Khongyim.

The exquisite attention to detail and in-depth research involved in all of the exhibition pieces, are defining features of the showcase. From the beautifully designed telegram-style Preview invitation, to presentation boards and intriguing descriptions by the artists of their own work.

Very clever too, is the way that the pieces have been arranged. Best use of the available space has been carefully planned, with no crowding or jostling for a good vantage point. Each piece feels as though it belongs in its own private art gallery or, in the case of the groundfloor film, a dedicated cinema space.  With an easy flow of people around the edges of the exhibitions spaces, there is plenty of space in the middle of each floor for people to mingle, chat as friends and invariably, discuss the artwork around them.

The pastoral location and beautiful light aspect of Les Caches Farm provides a faultless setting for ‘mimesis.’ In fact, it is true to say that the first-floor exhibition space, flooded with evening sunlight, was a glorious sight to behold. We are grateful to Meredith and Waritsara for choosing this National Trust building as, by dint of their excellent showcase exhibition, the farmhouse itself is also showcased in one of its finest possible uses.

Mimesis Exhibition at Les Caches Farm
Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June
10am – 5pm
Free Admission
Picnic tables in the apple orchard
Plenty of parking.