A big aim for 2019 is to digitally map NTG walking trails and land areas, for Islanders and world-wide visitors to enjoy.

Volunteer walkers, working with National Trust Guernsey and Digimap can make this happen. Here’s how you can help.

According to where you’re based on Island, or where you prefer walking, we can send you a map of NTG land in that area. By way of example, a map of our land at Pleinmont is shown at the base of the page. 

There are walking trails within each of these land areas and so, if you love walking and have a Smart Phone, just map your NTG walking/running path by using any of a number of free tracking Apps, such as Map My Tracks, View Ranger or uRoute (or you may have a preferred App) and send the map to us. It would be the biggest contribution to being able to digitally share, with pin-point accuracy, some of Guernsey’s most beautiful places with a world-wide community.

We would love to hear from anyone wanting to be part of this project. Maybe someone would spearhead the project and co-ordinate members of a mapping group? However you can help, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Please email: [email protected]

Thank you.