Thank you for your interest in helping to map National Trust of Guernsey lands.

Which App?
We are generally using Map my Walk, a free app available on Google Play and the App Store. Whichever App is used, you need to be able to forward your mapped route to us, as a link:

NTG lands and properties base-map with Digimap
Our base map showing NTG lands and properties is below:

How to find these places
We have dropped Google Map GPS Pin locators on some places – this is a daily work in progress. Google Maps GPS Location Pins for NTG Places

A more traditional method is needed to find the unpinned places!   

  • cross-reference between the NTG base-map and Digimap’s Map of Guernsey. Add the ‘roads’ layer in the layers option panel.
  • Information about our properties and walks is available on our website here.
  • We are in the process of dropping GPS location pins at NTG lands/places and will share these pins as we go.  If you visit an NTG place that hasn’t been pinned, please drop a pin location to me at:

What needs mapping?
Boundaries do not need to be mapped. Please map:

Other interesting information to map
If you regularly walk the same route, you’ll know how it changes throughout the year. Please include:

  • Photographs taken throughout the year (these can be sent with your Map my Walk link, or independently)
  • Nature notes and/or other notes of interest i.e., fantastic view, wonderful birdsong, etc.
  • Level of difficulty
  • Nearest bus stop, car park
  • Facilities you pass, i.e., café, public loos, nearby watering holes, restaurants etc.
  • Your recommendations for what’s needed for the walk – i.e., suitable footwear for cliff paths etc. Binoculars …

How we apply your map link
The route shown in your link,  is manually drawn onto our NTG base-map ©Digimap, showing as clearly as possible, where your route covers NTG lands. At this stage, we are making a traditional, ‘drawn’ map which can be exported as a pdf for use on our website and for hard-copy publishing.

As we gather more GPS pins, and Map my Walk links, we will be creating an accurate digital map of NTG lands and places at NTG’s Map my Walk Home Page.  If you would like to map your walk from NTG’s home page at Map my Walk, let us know and we’ll send log-in details. We are hoping to transfer this information to a Digimap layer, to create a live GPS traceable map with Digimap. We’re getting advice on that. Ultimate aim would be a National Trust of Guernsey App!

We are very grateful for your help – thank you.
Any questions, please email Sara Lampitt at