Your beautifully restored farmhouse, Les Caches Farm, may be closed for the season, but the grounds are open for everyone to enjoy 365 days of the year. Our Geocache trails, enjoyed by more than 1,000 visitors over the last two years, include Les Caches Farm grounds. 

It is truly rewarding to read that on this first day of 2019, Les Caches Farm grounds have been visited and NT Guernsey’s great outdoor places are being explored.

“Another really good Geocache from NTGuernsey.”
“Super new cache for first day of the year.”
“What a beautiful house.”



How do I start Geocaching?
Go to to find out more.
From the App Store, download the free Geocaching App on your smart/android ‘phone
Search for NT Guernsey, where you will find 11 Hides

Geocaching is a great way to discover the big outdoors as a family, or with friends. A regular comment says it all –  “we’d never have found these places without this trail”.

Always a challenging treasure hunt, you’ll find yourselves off-the-beaten-track but never far from home, in Guernsey’s most outstanding places, safe-guarded by National Trust of Guernsey, forever.