News of National Trust of Guernsey will soon spread around the world with five trackables, now in place around our 11 Geocache sites.

Trackables are our little hitchhikers. Tiny tags, retrieved by Geocachers, can be taken on holiday and deposited at another Geocache site anywhere in the world. They will move on from there, and so begins the story of National Trust of Guernsey reaching parts of the world that we never thought possible. We are excited to follow their journeys.

The Trust is indebted to the work of Volunteer Claire Hyland for instigating NTG Geocache four years ago and the ongoing maintenance of our sites together with brilliant new ideas. 

Since 2015 nearly 1,000 visitors have found Trust places of outstanding rural and coastal beauty, the locations of which were previously impossible to describe. With GPS locations, via Geocaching, these places are now discoverable. 

Our Trust places

Our Geocaching places