National Trust of Guernsey is delighted to be part of Sarnia Arts & Crafts Club ‘Plein Air Painting Competition’ to be held on Tuesday 19th June, 2018.

Participants will meet at Les Caches Farm, Les Villets from 9:30 am to 10:00 am for entry procedure (see link below) and, will take up chosen vantage points on National Trust of Guernsey land above Le Gouffre, to paint any outdoor composition of choice. National Trust of Guernsey is grateful to Insurance Corporation, Guernsey Trees for Life and Guernsey Conservation Volunteers for the opportunity to have established The Queen’s Jubilee Wood at Trust land, donated by the Breedijke family. To see a little history of how this land has evolved, please see here.

Artists entries will be returned to Les Caches Farm, where they will be displayed and judged on Wednesday 20th June. The chosen winner will receive £100 and have their name inscribed on the Sarnia Arts & Crafts Club ‘Plein Air’ Trophy.

The winning entry, along with all other entries, will be displayed at Les Caches Farm from Wednesday 20th June to Friday 22nd June, from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Please support the competition and come along to view the exhibition.

NTG feels both privileged and rewarded that Sarnia Arts & Crafts Club have chosen this much-admired National Trust of Guernsey vantage point for their artists and delighted to be hosting its inaugural art exhibition at Les Caches Farm.

Please see here, for full information: The Sarnia Arts & Crafts Club ‘Plein Air Painting Competition’

How to find us: Les Caches Farm and Location Map
Perry’s guide reference: Page 28, D4
Accessible using the following bus routes: 11 and 91
Alight from the bus at the Airport or Forest Stores. Head towards Le Gouffre. Look out for a thatched Guernsey Farmhouse, on the right hand side of Rue des Villets, set back from the road, at the end of a gravel drive.
Parking on the field at the rear of the property.

Painting location at NTG’s Jubilee Walk and fields: