Edward Jay’s understated demeanour belies a force of virtuoso talent, the likes of which have probably never been heard in Guernsey. It is easy to imagine having to travel around the globe to find a powder keg of musical brilliance in one person and, describing his skills as ‘world-class’ is entirely accurate.

Opening with a ferociously paced ‘Tarantella’, Edward Jay’s statement of skills and thrills created an immediately compelling relationship between the performer and his audience, lasting from that Tarantella moment, to the last note of his encore ‘Tico Tico’.

By virtue of a set, drawn from worldwide composers and cultures, Jay shaped virtual visits to smouldering Cuban dancefloors, the rolling highlands of Scotland and an 18th century English village green, whilst darting in and around the Parisian café culture, American Jazz Clubs erstwhile perching on achingly romantic moments, owned the world over.

Instantly fascinating, compelling and addictive, the power of Edward Jay’s performance lies in his breath-taking dexterity and an intimate relationship with his Sonola accordian. This chemistry is better described as ‘body and soul’. The result is profound.

Extraordinary and unmissable.

Edward Jay performs again, as part of a Double Bill with James Dumbelton and Andy Clarke, tonight at Les Caches Farm from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. During the interval a traditional Guernsey Farmhouse supper is available.

Seated tickets: first floor performance area seats are limited to 60 at £6 pp.

Standing tickets: sound travels well at Les Caches Farm and, for easy-listening in the farmhouse kitchen, we have 40 tickets available at £3 pp.

Roaming tickets: windows will be wide open and, a firm favourite with many, is to listen to music emanating from the courtyard or farmhouse grounds. Unlimited tickets at £1. Children under ten free. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. Plenty of parking.

Location link: https://www.nationaltrust.gg/places-to-visit/les-caches-farm/