Welcome back to ‘Collection Connection’. The series celebrates people’s special connection with the different parts of Guernsey Heritage displayed at the Folk & Costume Museum. The series will continue with a new addition every couple of weeks so return to keep up with the series going forward.

Today’s Collection Connection covers the pig carcass found as part of the museum’s display representing a farmer’s wash-house in the later 19th century.

 Leah- Local Visitor 

  • ‘I like it because they salt it to keep it fresh due to the lack of refrigerators in previous centuries. It is also my favourite, because they do not waste any part of the pig, they turn the bones into brawn as well as the head. The efforts not to waste anything remind me of the adverts on Guernsey buses today telling people to recycle and not waste food’

Why not come to the museum and see if you can find the pig and other hidden treasures as you look around the displays. Why not pick your own item for Collection Connection. Complete a form and send it to the museum so we can share your pick with other visitors (Form: Collection Connection )