As the first part of the ongoing series celebrating people’s special connection with different parts of Guernsey Heritage displayed at the Folk & Costume Museum today’s Collection Connection covers the Parlophone which can be found in the Parlour at the museum.

CC1a Dorothe – Museum Assitant

‘The parlophone changes the museum from being a quiet place into being a happy and cosy place’

‘It makes me think of my childhood…cobbled streets, little shops and hot chocloate’

‘I like it as a very European object with the box from France, the mechanism from Germany and the music being a British folk song (Blue Bells of Scotland)’

‘It makes such beautiful music with just a few hooks and holes in a metal disc’


Why not come to the museum and checkout Dorothe’s selection of the Parlophone and maybe pick your own item for Collection Connection. Complete a form and send it to the museum so we can share your pick with other visitors (Form: Collection Connection )