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Guernsey Botanical Trust have begun a search for existing Vine Ladders, the design and use of which, appears to be unique to the Bailiwick.  The Vine Ladder that once existed at a Vine House in the original Victorian Walled Garden at Saumarez Park, will be rebuilt.

Only a few days ago, Mike de Carteret GBT was thrilled to discover a fine example of a Vine Ladder at a Bordeaux property.

Bordeaux Vine House Ladder

To date (August 2014) eight ladders have been identified.


  • Castle Carey
  • Government House (originally known as The Mount/Le Mont)
  • La Seigneurie, Sark
  • Bordeaux, private house

Known, but no longer extant:

  • Les Adams de Haut (Gillian Lenfestey)
  • Les Buttes, St Saviour (Sara Lampitt)
  • Le Mont Saint (donated to Guernsey Museums, subsequently to GBT by Liz Head)
  • Saumarez Park (Walled Kitchen Garden) (see following National Geographic photograph, March 1938)

The technical detail of Government House’s Vine Ladder:

VWG Vinehouse Ladder technical detail

If you know of existing vine ladders, or parts of vine ladders, including wheels, rails, hinges and brackets, please get in touch with Mike de Carteret

This is a very exciting research project for historic Guernsey.  To read a potted history with further photographs and facts which might help you identify a vine ladder, please go to Vine Ladders in the Guernsey Bailiwick