2018 has been a happy and fulfilling year, sharing National Trust of Guernsey places and events with thousands of visitors

Les Caches Farm has been visited by over a thousand visitors since May 2018, together with The Folk and Costume Museum hosting a splendid series of Courtyard Concerts during the Summer … a Summer when we had worried about rain but ended up scrabbling for shade!

Add Lé Viaër Marchi to this thrilling mix, attended by the largest crowd on record, plus an unprecedented Costume Exhibition displaying some of the finest pieces from our collection.

2019 heralds the opening of the Fermain Tower as a unique place to stay at one of Guernsey’s most beautiful bays. We look forward to sharing more news as soon as possible.

Around the Island, we press on with preservation of heritage places and news that the restoration of a special building in St Sampson’s is our focus for 2019. Securing more coastal land continues, and we are thankful for the bequests of land that ensure our coastline remains beautiful and unobscured. Since 1960 and together, we are preserving Guernsey’s heritage for future generations.

This would not be possible without your encouragement and support, for which National Trust of Guernsey remains indebted.

Thank you, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news for 2019.

Tony Spruce
President, National Trust of Guernsey