Following feedback in recent years the Folk & Costume museum has decided to launch an investigation into how much the name of the museum accurately relates to people what the museum has to offer or if as it goes  ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ 

The museum now houses a range of attractions from Victorian recreations of domestic life in Guernsey through the range of local industries including everything from Granite Working to Tomato Growing all accompanied by displays from the island’s most extensive costume collection.

We wish to hear your comments on what you feel about the current name and if you feel it encompasses all that the museum has to offer or if you have any suggestions of alternative names that you feel cover the wide range of topics the museum currently displays.

For those attending the National Trust of Guernsey AGM this month you will have a chance to give your opinon on this topic. For anyone else if you have a comment or suggestion please reply here or send it through to the Museum Curator at the Folk & Costume Museum. 

We look forward to hearing from you