'26 Cornet Street' - The Cocktail

’26 Cornet Street’ – a sweet elderflower & plum cocktail with a strong Victorian theme

“The secret life of a project manager” … there’s more to Indulge Media’s James Le Gallez than meets the eye!  Aside from being involved in the day-to-day running of websites, James has a passion for creating cocktails.

James is crafting a collection of Guernsey-inspired cocktails, named after places in Guernsey and include at minimum one local ingredient.  The big local ingredient in ’26 Cornet Street’ is Haut Maison’s Damson Gin. What a delightful surprise for NTG, in the shape of his cocktail  “26 Cornet Street” named after the address of  NTG’s St Peter Port Victorian Shop & Parlour! 

The good or bad news (glass half empty or half full?)  is that there are quite a few more NTG properties and places that beggar a bespoke cocktail.

Shall we start with Brockhurst?  Georgian, tall & elegant, creamy, has presence …

’26 Cornet Street’ – The Recipe

1msr of Tanqueray Gin
1msr of Haut Maison Damson Gin
1 dash of Fee Brothers Plum Bitters
1.5msrs of Elderflower Cordial (made by Katherine at Haut Maison)
0.5 msr of Orgeat Syrup
Served straight up in a coupe

Thank you James