Roy Dotrice OBE the ever-impressive, chamelon-like British character actor, pops into our shop at 26 Cornet Street … and doesn’t Elizabeth look delighted!

Roy was born in Guernsey, the first child of Louis and Neva Dotrice who prospered as bakers. During the German occupation, Roy, his mother and brother escaped to England.

Advancing his real age, Roy joined the Royal Air Force at age 16 and was trained as a wireless operator and air gunner. In 1942 his plane was shot down and he was captured where he served out the remainder of WWII (over three years) as a prisoner of war in Germany. He was introduced to the idea of performing when he took part in various makeshift concerts in order to raise the spirits of his fellow captives.

Following WWII and his release, Roy decided to pursue his acting ambitions.  During this time of great productivity, Roy produced and directed some three hundred stage plays. He formed his own troupe, the Guernsey Theatre Company, in 1955.

Click here for a full bio of Roy’s sumptuous career.

Fast forward to 2015 and Roy maintains family ties on the island.  With thanks to RD for allowing us to capture this moment, which we pass on with pride.