‘The island light, turquoise water and swift tide are present in all the work.’

Frances Hatch


Dorset based plein air painter, Frances Hatch, visited Guernsey in March 2016 to create a portfolio of paintings, using materials from the earth at specific sites around the island. During her composition time in Guernsey, she used fragments of rust, beach debris, granite and shell sand, gritty ochre, burnt sienna and umber.

Today is the last official day of Frances’s exhibition, at The Gate House Gallery, Elizabeth College, open from 10am-4pm, although it may be viewed until Wednesday by private arrangement.

As a visitor to the island, Frances says ‘It is when earths and the ‘stuff’ of the place get wedged under the fingernails and smeared on my paper, that I cease to be an outsider’.

Frances’ work has recently been selected for The ING Discerning Eye, The R.A. Summer Exhibition, The Lynn-Painter Stainer Prize, and The Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours where she was awarded The Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial Prize.

E-mail: info@franceshatch.co.uk.
More information at: www.franceshatch.co.uk.
The National Trust of Guernsey is pleased to support visiting and local artists.