His dramatic stance atop a National Trust of Guernsey stone makes ‘Clark’, photographed by his owner Rebecca Brehaut, the firm cover choice for The Trust Newsletter, Autumn 2017.

This NTG landmark stone can be found at the entrance to many National Trust of Guernsey trails at Vaux de Monel, Pleinmont, more easily described as the woodland path just before the road barrier at Portelet.

Since this was taken, Rebecca has sent on a few more photographs of Clark, who has a canny gift of sniffing out NTG landmark stones and so, Clark has been promoted to Clark-Land-Ranger with National Trust of Guernsey.

If you’re a dog-walker, the chances are that you walk many trails belonging to the Trust and your eyes and ears are very useful to us. It’s the type of volunteer work that we call ‘Micro-Volunteering’ whereby your input is shared by a remote device such as a smart phone, tablet or internet connected device. From news of unwelcome fly-tipping (unfortunately, it happens) to a glorious photograph of an NTG place or view, we would love to hear from you. It can add a sense of purpose to a walk and it definitely helps us keep a tab on the many land areas which the National Trust of Guernsey is privileged to safe-guard. Being a Land Ranger is also a great opportunity for keen photographers to enjoy the changing face of their favourite National Trust places, throughout the year.

Please email Sara Lampitt: admin@nationaltrust.gg for more information. 
For a map of where our places are, please look here.

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