Huge thanks to Taskforce Generali who came along as a team of 22 and helped to set up Les Caches Farm for 2018 Season.

From building picnic tables and benches, to potting-up Geraniums, to washing out water troughs in the restored pigsties … and moving 60 chairs to the vaulted-ceiling first floor at Les Caches Farmhouse … it was all done.

The National Trust of Guernsey’s restoration project at Les Caches Farm, costing nearly a million pounds and taking twenty years, reached completion in 2017 .The main thatched farmhou se, the restored cider press out-building and surrounding lands, can now be shared with Islanders and visitors, for many purposes and for generations to come.

Generali’s help with be-decking the building and pastures, with flourishing detail and smiles all round, was a momentus day for National Trust of Guernsey. Their help made all the difference at exactly the right time.

Generali Guernsey, we are profoundly grateful and have very happy memories of an important day for the future of Les Caches Farm.

Thank you.

A great snapshot of a rewarding day