Heartfelt thanks to the many people who braved a miserable January evening, to join our Volunteers Evening at The Professor Shaw Community Centre, St. Martin’s last Tuesday evening.

We were quite literally overwhelmed at the number of attendees and, to have to ask for extra chairs was indeed an unexpected joy. Many thanks to Susan Banfield at the Community Centre for her help throughout.

By the time we got underway, there was ‘standing room only’ and, thanks to our attendees’ enthusiasm and support, we are now processing many contact details in the hope of finding much needed volunteer help for future events and projects.

If you missed the event and wish to find out more, please be in touch with Jemma Field, our Trust Co-ordinator.

Thank you again, your support means the world to the National Trust of Guernsey – it makes things happen.

Tony Spruce, President
Council Members and Volunteers
for your National Trust of Guernsey