If you enjoy walking and are often out and about with your four-legged friend(s), then the chances are you’re already walking some beautiful pathways belonging to the National Trust of Guernsey.

We can’t be everywhere all of the time and your eyes and ears as voluntary NTG Land Rangers would be most helpful to us and help others to enjoy some of the best of Guernsey.

Ideally, we would have independent walkers from most areas of the Island, who are able to send us location photographs of any areas that need attention – and better still – some glorious photos to share. We really want to encourage enjoyment of the big outdoors, whatever the weather. To see our places, take a look at our map – not GPS pinned, but very close!

Please email admin@nationaltrust.gg and we’ll be aiming to organise a gathering when we can explain what is very simply needed. Your help would be deeply welcomed by The National Trust of Guernsey.
Now … turn up the volume and listen to this message from our four-legged friend.