Islanders are being asked to look out for for Asian hornet nests, further to more sightings in Torteval.

The invasive insects prey on honeybees and several hornets have been seen in recent days. Although hornets are carnivorous and will eat other insects, hornets have been spotted feeding on honeydew left by willow aphids, rather than the aphids themselves.

The most recent sightings were yesterday, in a garden belonging to La Société Guernesiase conservation officer Jamie Hooper, who believes that the hornets were taking honeydew back to the hive, but that once the insects’ tastes change and the nest started to produce workers, they would start looking for live prey. This would include our local honeybee population.

The Guernsey Beekeepers Association has been on the look-out for nests for several days, but president Chris Tomlins said that at the moment, any nest is likely to be very hard to spot. It would be small and high up in a tree and very difficult to see behind leaf cover. Although a nest would probably not be the size of a football at the moment, it could grow to be up to about 800cm by about one metre in size.

Anyone finding a nest should report it to Land Management Services tel: 234567 or email: during working hours.
Any sightings in Alderney or Sark should be reported to the States of Alderney or Sark Government offices.

A spokesman for ACLMS said it was not urgent that a nest is destroyed immediately, but it must remain undisturbed whilst plans are made for the safest way for it to be destroyed by a States’ nominated pest controller.